Course Code              :           MS - 26

Course Title               :           Organizational Dynamics

Assignment Code      :           MS-286/SEM - II /2011

Coverage                    :           All Blocks

Note : Answer all the questions and submit this assignment on or before 31st October 2011, to

     the coordinator of your study center.


1.      Explain the group formation process. Discuss the group norms and explain how it helps in the functioning of work groups. Give examples.


2.      Describe the importance of role in an organization? Describe how role conflict, and role ambiguity affects the performance of the employee and how they can get reduced by role analysis technique.


3.       Describe the importance of organizational culture and explain how it influences the organizational effectiveness. Substantiate your answer with reference to that in an organization you are familiar with. Describe the organization you are referring to.


4.      What is Management of diversity? Discuss the importance of Management of diversity when strategic alliances and coalitions take place. Illustrate with examples.


5.      Discuss the importance of empowerment in organizations. Explain how empowerment takes place at various organizational units in relation to an organization. Explain briefly the organization you are referring to.